The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Dynamic Diet program and how it works.

Is it healthy to go on a low calorie diet?

Calorie restriction is a tested and proven way to lose weight. Physicians often recommend it to obese people to improve their overall health and physical fitness. The positive effects on health include lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol as well as better blood sugar control in diabetics.

However, extreme low calorie diets can be harmful as they deprive the body of essential nutrients. Continued for extended periods, severe calorie restriction can compromise your immune system and make you weak, lethargic, and prone to diseases.

Dynamic Diet uses moderate calorie restriction as a healthy way to shed excess pounds, but all the essential nutrients are provided through carefully designed meal plans. Calorie restriction is employed as a short-term strategy for a period of 20 days, or until the target weight is reached, but never for more than 80 days at a stretch. It has been found that losing weight quickly not only motivates people, but helps in maintaining a healthy weight over a longer period.

What kinds of foods are allowed on the Dynamic Diet?

Dynamic Diet mainly consists of high quality proteins from lean meat, fish, and eggs, healthy fats from olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and nuts and some amount of carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables. Sugar, alcohol, carbohydrate-rich grains and processed foods are completely eliminated during the rapid weight loss phase. Whole grain foods can be taken in moderation during the maintenance phase, with limited amounts of alcohol during the weekends. You can find the food lists for different phase of the diet in the Dynamic Diet manual.

Will Dynamic Diet work for vegetarians?

Most of our recipes are suitable for vegetarians. You will have more limited food list, but you still can do Dynamic Diet.

How much weight loss can I expect from the Dynamic Diet?

Weight loss results depends on a lot of factors and may vary from person to person. You can expect to lose up to 15 pounds during the first 20 days - Ignite phase of the Dynamic Diet. For further weight loss, you can continue the Ignite phase for up to 80 days. When you are near your weight loss goal, you can shift to the Dominate phase where you may lose a few more pounds. Once you are happy with your weight, you can maintain it for life by consistently following the last phase of the diet - Maintain phase.

None of the diets I have tried have ever worked for me. How can Dynamic Diet work then?

It's true that there are hundreds of diets that don't work. Some may work short-term, but you end up gaining back every pound you lost, and some more. If it weren't so, you wouldn't be looking at Dynamic Diet now.

It's natural for you to be distrustful of all diets. You might have even blamed yourself for the past failures. But if you knew the companies behind many of the popular diet foods, it's not difficult to see why those diets didn't work. For example, companies such as Kellogg's, Kraft, Heinz and Con-Agra, which are known for their processed food products full of sugar, starch, and unhealthy fats, are the ones manufacturing diet foods such as Kashi Go Lean, South Beach Living packaged food, Weight Watchers food, Healthy Choice etc. Diets, that require you to buy their food products to stay thin, probably don't want you to succeed, in order to keep their business going.

Dynamic Diet is different. For one thing, it works. Instead of selling you packaged diet foods, we give you the right knowledge about your metabolism and how you can control it with dietary changes. The Dynamic Slim just fires up your metabolism and helps you get on the right track. You are then empowered to take control of your diet and follow a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you follow the Dynamic Diet sincerely, you will not need to look at another diet ever.

Can I do the Dynamic Diet if I have a medical condition or taking prescription medication?

People who have liver disease, hepatitis, type 1 diabetes or active cancer should not do the Dynamic Diet. It is also not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers and youngsters under 18 years of age.

Dynamic Diet can be followed along with many prescription drugs, but only your doctor can determine whether it is safe to go on a diet while taking the specific drugs prescribed to you. Even when you see drastic improvement in any of your existing medical conditions due to weight loss, you should not stop your medication without consulting your physician.

What are the side effects of the Dynamic Diet?

When you start on the Dynamic Diet, your body undergoes a detox process, particularly in the first week. Some people may experience headaches or flu-like symptoms during this time. They are temporary, and will get resolved within a week to ten days. Increasing the water intake will speed up the detox process.

How long will it take to process my order of Dynamic Diet?

We try our best to ensure same day shipping for all orders placed before noon Eastern time on all business days. Orders received later will be shipped the very next day. Orders placed on holidays and afternoons preceding them will be shipped on the next working day. All shipments are expected to reach addresses in continental US within a week of shipping.

Is there a requiring billing or auto-shipments?

Dynamic Diet has no hidden fees, requiring billing or product auto-shipment. The payment for the product is an one-time fee.

How can I buy more supplement?

We provide discount code for supplement reorders in the Dynamic Diet manual (last page). You have to enter this code in the "Discount code" field and pick the package.


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