Willpower and How It Affects Lifestyle Changes
We often talk about willpower as a tool that helps us achieve success, particularly when that success requires working against our normal tendencies. For an aspiring student, it may mean academic success he gains by slogging away while he’d rather spend time with his friends.
Protein is a macronutrient that our body needs to get from food. It is considered even more important than the other two macronutrients; carbohydrates and fats, although a balanced diet should have all of them in the right proportions.
reduced chin
The double chin which always spoils one's best photographs is one of the chief issues related to one's body. It is the concern of most of the people to get rid of the protruding loose skin between the chin and the neck. It not only spoils your look but also gives you an aged appearance.
26 September 2016 Overcoming Inertia
inertia and fitness
For some people the inertia is due to a lack of conviction. Do I really need to do this? Is this what I should do? Aren’t there better alternatives? When it comes to weight loss, there really isn’t any room for such doubts.
3 September 2016 Beating Sugar Addiction
Beating Sugar Addiction
We don’t often think about our cravings for sugar as addiction, at least not in the same way we view alcoholic addiction or nicotine habit. But the truth is that sugar is as addicting as cocaine.
18 June 2016 Dynamic Diet Video
Dynamic Diet Video
Food is supposed to be our friend, but unfortunately if you're eating wrong, it might feel like more of an enemy. Too many people are not living their lives to the fullest and are unable to do the things they really want to because of weight gain or bad health.
Weight loss and alcohol
It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that sugary drinks, be it coke or fruit juice, cause weight gain. But how can the light, smoother-than-water alcoholic drinks––champagne, gin, and vodka––do that?
5 great reasons to lose weight
Are you thinking of taking up a diet program or starting a workout routine? Your motivation could be the ever expanding waistline or a scary test result from the lab, or the advertisement from a diet product company. Whatever it is, regaining your figure and fitness, especially cardiac fitness, would be the main objective.
belly fat
Do you know that everyone has some amount of fat in their body, even those who are pretty thin? In fact, it is good to have a bit of adipose tissue that stores fat. It acts as a cushion against injuries to the body and the internal organs. That’s why most of the important organs in our body are wrapped in a layer of adipose tissue. This is referred to as visceral fat.
One explanation commonly given is the effect of sleep on hormones regulating appetite, namely ghrelin that stimulates hunger and leptin that signals satiety. Increased ghrelin levels are seen in sleep deprived individuals while the level of appetite suppressing leptin remains lower than normal.


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